The Wild Ones is a non-profit organization that was established as a 501(c)(3) in 2015. Our purpose is to provide care and rehabilitation for wildlife that has been orphaned or abandoned as well as those who are sick and/or injured. Our primary focus is fawns and to date we have rehabilitated and released more than 60 fawns into the wild.

We are situated on approximately nine acres devoted to wildlife. Our goal is to imitate the natural habitat as closely as possible. In addition to the care we provide, we try to prepare the young animals as much as possible for life in the wild. We grow trumpet vine, honeysuckle, wild violets, morning glory, clover, and other edible weeds and plants to encourage the fawns’ natural progression to independence.

We keep records on every fawn that comes to us and have witnessed and recorded some amazing things including: a fawn with tetanus who went from being unable to open his mouth or even stand on his own to a strong, independent survivor; multiple fawns who were blind due to concussions but regained their eyesight; a fawn, born from a doe that had been fatally hit by a car, who we raised and released into the wild.

These examples and many others support our belief that all wildlife deserves a chance. We are devoted to helping animals in any way we can and encourage others to do the same. Our goal is to encourage the miracles of nature and the prosperous survival of wildlife.

We are grateful for donations and will use 100% of your gifts to support the wildlife. All your donations are tax deductible. We accept payment through PayPal, or if you prefer to send a check, please mail it to The Wild Ones Inc., P.O. Box 1439, Williamsburg, VA, 23187. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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